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Why do YOU need a WEBSITE ?

Today, having a company website is as crucial as having a shop, office or telephone number.

Research has found that 6/10 customers expect brands to have content online about their business.
Why wait any longer when your customers are looking for you ?
But I am already on Facebook !
Honestly... almost everyone is on Facebook.
In today’s world, there is an expectation for any reputable company to have some kind of online presence. Potential customers could likely be distrusting of any business that didn't have a telephone number or a physical address.
The same can be said for not having a website and email address.

A website gives them confidence that it's a legitimate business.

We live in a multi-screen society: smartphones, tablets, laptops, destops.

Because of this, it’s important for your site to be viewable across as many devices as possible.
The number of mobile viewers now outnumbers desktop, and this number will only continue to rise as global smartphone accessibility increases.

We make sure that your website looks GREAT on all devices.

Mobile friendly and easy to use
Improve the way it looks on devices with both large and smalls screens
Increase the amount of time that visitors spend on your site

Some of our projects

Total price breakdown


The development of the site can be done two ways. A website can be based on a template or made from scratch. You can find many templates on the internet.
Some of these templates are free, some go for a small fee (prices vary between $20 and $50). With the chosen template we will set up your website.

Website made based on a static template starts at $120

Cost of template between $20 and $50

Static website made without template starts from $350

Static or Dynamic

A static website contains Web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in HTML and displays the same information to every visitor. Static sites are the most basic type of website.

These sites can be hosted on a free provider.

A dynamic website is one that can display different content and provide user interaction, by making use of advanced programming and databases in addition to HTML.

Dynamic websites need to be hosted on paying providers.

Hosting & Domain name

There are multiple companies offering free webhosting. Our website is hosted on a free site like this. These companies make their money by advertisements on their main website. Your website will remain ad-free (if you want this). The name of your website will be http://yourname.netlify.app
Paid hosting gives you faster access and a more secure website. Several hosting companies give great deals if you register the name of your website with them and also choose for hosting.
The price for registration of a domain name depends on the chosen name and extention (.com or .info or .biz ...). Prices can vary.

Website with free hosting : $0

Domain registration : starting from $2.99 per year

Hosting : starting from $2.59 per month


You want to attract more customers? Make your site available in different languages. Standard, your site comes in Engish.
You want it accessible in French, German, Dutch or Khmer ? That is possible. The visitor will get a language selection menu on top of the site.
Price for an extra language is minimum 10$ per page. For larger websites we can offer a better price total.

This option ensures that your website will be perfectly displayed, as text translated by Google can disturb the formatting of the page.

Answers to your Questions

If your chose template doesn't provide sections for videos or slideshows, we'll be more than happy to insert them for you. These changes will come at a minimal fee. Please keep in mind that you will provide use the pictures or videos.
If you're interested in having a website to promote your business, we'll send you some examples or links of templates to choose from. Once you decide which template to use, you provide us the pictures, texts for the pages, and we'll put it all together.
Once we have all the information from you (pictures, texts, logo etc.), we'll have a working example for you in about 4 or 5 days.
If you choose for free webhosting your address will be something like yourcompanyname.netlify.app.
If you want a domainname ending with .COM or .BIZ or another extension, you'll first have to check if the name is still available. Depending on the 'popularity' of the name and the extension, prices vary from $3 to $500..
Paying webhosting sites provide higher data transfer speeds, more webspace. For a "simple" website for a restaurant, bar, shop... free webhosting sites give you more than enough webspace to put your information.
Paying servers (with your own email adress, domainname...) ask you to make a contract with them. Starting prices are about 10-15$ per month, depending on the disk space and data transfer.
For a website based on a template or made from scratch we give you 6 free updates the first year.
Afterwards it is 15$ per update..
If you want to manage your site by yourself, we'll explain it to you in a 2 hour "course" (45$). Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS is required and not provided by us.
Based on a template it starts at $120 (plus the cost of the template, prices are between $20 and $50).

A static website made from scratch starts at $350.

Pricing of dynamic websites depends on the number of databases involved.

If you choose for free hosting, there are no additional costs. You'll get 6 free updates the first year, afterwards it is 15$ per update.
Paid hosting starts from $2.49 per month. A registered domainname is available from $3 to $500 per year.

Let's Talk

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Feel free to contact us with your ideas, wishes or needs.

Send us a mail and we'll get right back to you with our proposals.
Afterwards we could meet in person (we are based in Phnom Penh) to discus further development of your website.

Thanks for your trust in CamWebDesign.